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Hoda Hajirnia

Hoda Hajirnia is a Southern California native with a love for fitness, nutrition, and beauty, which ultimately inspired her to start HodaMode: a place to share her most essential health, wellness, and lifestyle tips.

Starring in Bravo’s latest reality real estate series, “Real Estate Wars”, and maintaining her record of millions of dollars in sales over the past several months, Hoda still manages her extensive fitness and diet routine into her busy schedule.

Hoda’s resilience and drive are evident in her fitness journey. Hoda battled with eating disorders ranging from anorexia to bulimia during her senior year of high school and college. At 5’5, she was down to merely 87 lbs. Since then, Hoda has come to a much happier and healthier place in her life and has eventually built up the courage to share her story that has inspired many others to embark on their own journey of personal growth and wellness.

Hoda has also been featured in numerous press and media publications including most notably on Megyn Kelly TODAY, The Doctors, and recently a feature in Muscle & Fitness Magazine for the May, 2018 Issue where she discusses her health battle and what she did to get through her struggle and find the light at the end of the tunnel.

After receiving hundreds of texts, emails, and direct messages from people who were inspired by Hoda’s story, Hoda was encouraged to share her path so that she could help others also become an agent of change! By popular demand, here at HodaMode, you will be able to keep up with all of Hoda’s health & fitness tips, recipes, and beauty & travel ideas. Keep checking back for more updates and be ready for an exclusive body guide coming soon containing all of Hoda’s workouts and nutrition tips, so that you, too, can turn on HodaMode. Make sure to subscribe below to receive auto updates!

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